Can the Weather Affect Demerol Addiction?

Can the Weather Affect Demerol Addiction?Weather changes, whether good or bad, can impact behavior. As the winter months begin, cold weather may keep people indoors or increase pain in joints or from old injuries. Anxiety and depression are also linked to the winter months and tend to occur more frequently during the shorter, darker days of winter. Weather changes may have some impact on an existing Demerol addiction problem.

The Relationship between Seasonal Affective Disorder and Addiction

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is generally regarded as more than just a change in mood. It is a type of clinical depression, which occurs during particular times of the year, mainly fall or winter. Regions where winters are harsh with shorter days are places where seasonal affective disorder is seen the most. Typically, the disorder subsides when the warmer season begins. Those suffering from this disorder will typically experience symptoms similar to those of depression at certain times each year. It has also been noted that seasonal affective disorder and addiction are related. People with SAD may have pain pill addiction or other narcotic addiction to relieve feelings of despair and low energy.

Friends and family of an individual with SAD will notice certain predictable cycles. During a part of the year, their loved one would normally do quite well, but at other times the individual tends to be severely depressed and may show signs of Demerol addiction or pain pill addiction. SAD is a condition that goes unnoticed in most cases because of the lack of awareness. People tend to self-regulate their feelings of depression and despair by using drugs and alcohol. If addiction help is not provided early, this may lead to long-term narcotic addiction where treatment becomes more complicated.

How SAD Leads to Narcotic Addiction

A person suffering from SAD will feel depressed, and, at such times, it seems natural to use substances to feel better. For a lot of SAD patients, this condition remains undiagnosed. When they do not receive the help they need to feel better, there is an increased risk of addiction. The right treatment can relieve depression as well as drug cravings.

Seeking Addiction Help

There are several symptoms that family members and friends can look for to determine whether a loved one is suffering from Demerol addiction related to weather changes. The main red flags to look for are listed below:

  • Seasonal patterns of narcotic addiction or heavy drinking
  • Depressive symptoms at certain times each year
  • Mood changes around particularly unusual weather days, such as cold days or extremely hot days.

While alcohol and narcotics may seem to elevate mood, they will ultimately make the symptoms worse by contributing to weight gain, sadness, and low energy. Withdrawal symptoms can create a host of problems. Not only is addiction expensive financially, but also it can take a toll on relationships and employment.

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