Common Withdrawal Symptoms of Demerol Abuse

Common Withdrawal Symptoms of Demerol AbuseDemerol is one of the most powerful and popular opioid painkillers in the country. While it is often used in hospitals for procedures, many people abuse it recreationally. Like many other opioids, abusing Demerol can cause a number of serious side effects that can negatively impact an individual. Common side effects of Demerol abuse include shallow breathing and lowered blood pressure, as the opioids work to slow the respiratory system. In addition, those who abuse Demerol also experience side effects such as digestive issues, skin rashes, dizziness, sedation, disorientation and more.

Withdrawal Symptoms during Demerol Addiction Detox

Because Demerol is an opioid, it creates both a physical and psychological dependency in a user. Therefore, it is critical that an individual abusing Demerol receives medically assisted treatment, primarily because he or she can and will face a number of dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms of Demerol abuse include the following:

  • Muscle spasms – One of the most common physical symptoms of withdrawal is muscle spasms. This can be highly uncomfortable for an individual, and even cause him or her to grow increasingly irritable during these uncontrollable spasms.
  • Insomnia – It can be nearly impossible to get any sleep when coming off of Demerol, especially since an individual is experiencing a number of accompanying side effects such as headaches, nausea, chills, sweats and more.
  • Anxiety – On a psychological level, most individuals who stop their Demerol abuse begin to experience severe bouts of anxiety. As the mind and body work to regain emotional equilibrium, an individual can feel an increase in anxiety.

Common withdrawal symptoms of Demerol abuse can include muscle spasms, insomnia and anxiety, all of which are generally temporary symptoms.

Permanent Side Effects of Demerol Abuse

While most of the withdrawal symptoms of Demerol are temporary – such as those listed above – some of the overall effects of Demerol abuse can be permanent. For example, long-term abuse of Demerol can cause an individual’s brain receptors to improperly function permanently. This can cause continued, strong cravings for drugs and make recovery incredibly difficult. However, while some side effects can be permanent, most of the withdrawal symptoms of Demerol abuse will subside once detox is completed.

Do You Need Treatment for Demerol Abuse?

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