Dangers of Counterfeit and Street Versions of Demerol

Dangers of Counterfeit and Street Versions of DemerolAddiction can lead addicts to try potentially deadly counterfeit and street versions of their drugs of choice. Limitations on obtaining Demerol legally have led many to manufacture this drug illegally in their homes. After making this homemade Demerol from a mixture of over-the-counter medicines and household chemicals, it can be sold on the street, the black market or, in some cases, even online. Instructions for making Demerol are also easily found on the internet, however, the reliability of those sources is far more difficult to determine.

Variables of Street Demerol

Dealers who can’t find readily available ingredients may turn to the black market to find similar substitutes. This throws even more variables regarding the already questionable safety of self-manufactured Demerol. Any number of poisonous chemicals can be found in counterfeit or street versions of Demerol. To earn a higher profit on their investment, drug dealers often add other substances as filler. These substances could be anything, making them dangerously unpredictable.

Batches can also be made differently from one home-manufacturer to the next (alternate ingredients and different measurements) therefore the doses would need to be adapted accordingly. But drug dealers don’t include ingredients labels on their products. Demerol recipes may vary slightly or even drastically. That’s why overdose is a life-threatening risk you take when using street versions of Demerol. The manufacturing process itself can also be a danger to nearby residences because explosions and toxic fumes are a real danger.

How Demerol Affects Users

Demerol’s chemical name is meperidine, a narcotic also known as pethidine and Mepergan. Found in liquid, tablet and white powder forms, Demerol can be administered though ingestion, injection or by chewing or snorting. Uncontrolled delivery (administering the drug in a way or quantity not prescribed by a physician) can result in overdose and death. Causing a lowered pulse rate, blood pressure, and body temperature Demerol can also cause depressed reflexes, drowsiness, dry mouth and euphoria. However, the effects of street Demerol are unpredictable.

Homemade Demerol: Side Effects

Some people manufacture meperidine in their kitchens. Homemade meperidine has been known to produce a form of Parkinson’s disease causing permanent tremors and speech impediments in the user by selectively destroying brain tissue. Very precise temperature, mixing and administration conditions are necessary to handle meperidine correctly. When improperly mixed with other agonist opioid analgesics, meperidine can cause supraventricular tachycardia, convulsions, and acute abdominal conditions such as abdominal pain. Taken in large doses, Demerol can cause liver and renal damage.

Demerol Addiction Help

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